iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode Preview

When Apple’s Phil Schiller demoed the new Portrait Mode feature of the iPhone 7 Plus on September 7th I knew I would be upgrading to the larger phone size from my smaller iPhone 6s. I woke up to pre-order the device at 3AM ET on September 9th, and after waiting a few weeks, my new Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus came on October 3rd. The very first thing I did was install the iOS 10.1 beta 1 onto the phone.

I had spent all summer running the iOS 10 beta on my iPhone so I could get a sneak peek of what hundreds of millions of iPhones would be using in the coming months, but before I saw the iPhone 7 annoucement thought I was done with beta software for the rest of the year.

 I was wrong.

I was wrong.

So now I’ve spent a few days using this new phone and shooting a ton of Portrait Mode photos. If you’d like to hear my impressions of the iPhone 7 check out Episode #73 of Techdown (coming later this week!), but for today I wanted to put together some comparisons showing off my experience using Portrait Mode.

Apple makes it clear that Portrait Mode is a Beta before you take any photos with the feature, and it will likely stay that way once iOS 10.1 is released. With that in mind here are several untouched pictures taken with Portrait Mode disabled (on the left) and enabled (on the right), taken over the past few days.